“Reset your life” – December 2005

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Artistic team

• Concept: Jota Izquierdo (Facebook [Spanish], Vídeo entrevista [Spanish]).

• Production: Respeto Total (Información [Spanish]).

• Collaboration: Julia Climent (Facebook [Spanish]), Guillermo Climent (Facebook [Spanish]), Carlos Maiques (Blogspot [Spanish], Entrevista [Spanish]), Pilar, Riccardo Mongelluzzo (Facebook [Spanish]).

• Lighting: Alex Rault (anødine).

• Place: Galería Rosa Santos (Web [Spanish], Web).

An exhibition-trade fair by Jota Izquierdo with the collective Respeto Total about the personal development books that, at the end of the year, seem to be more relevant than ever. 3 … 2 … 1 … Reset your Life!