“Observatori 2009” – June 2009

Here are some of the sights that we could meet while walking in the Museo de las Atarazanas of Valencia (Spain) from 04 to 27 June 2009, while the contemporary art festival Observatori was celebrating its 10th year of artistic research.

Artistic sheet

Some works

Fresco: Eltono (more photos).

Installation and burns: Olivier Kosta-Thèfaine.

Piece: Samuel François.

Interactive fresco: The GreenEyl.

Piece: Nano 4814.

Concept and photography: Filippo Minelli.

Interactive sound fresco: Tseng Wei-Hao.

Sound installation: Peter Bosch et Simone Simons.

Painter: Lucía Hervas.

Video installation: Miguel Rael with the Gallery Luis Adelantado.

Interactive piece: Daniel Palacio with the Gallery Rosa Santos.

Video: Curro González with the Gallery Tomás March.

Exhibition map

Observatori 2009 – General map.

Data sheet, work by work: Observatori 2009 – Data sheet in Spanish.

Technical instructions for museum staff (start-up / standby and maintenance): Observatori – Technical Guide in Spanish.

Project 2010

Pieces are different, but technical work is similar.

Observatori 2010 – Lighting plan and audiovisual facilities.
Observatori 2010 – List of lamps, audiovisual equipment and equipment required for setting up.

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