“ParPARIAdos” – November 2010

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parPARIAdos is the result of the adaptation of the original work of the Swedish author August Strindberg. When August Strindberg planted the “Battle of the Brains”, he drew a psychological game in which individuals cloak themselves between judgments and procrastination about the moral condition of their actions.1

Artistic sheet

  • Direction: Jorge Affranchino (Fotos [Spanish]).
  • Text: August Strindberg (Información [Spanish]).
  • Distribution: Jorge Affranchino (Fotos [Spanish]).
  • Costumes: Salen Jerü.
  • Scenography: Jorge Affranchino (Fotos [Spanish]).
  • Lighting: Jorge Affranchino (Fotos [Spanish]).
  • Place: Espacio Inestable (See on Google Map) (Web [Spanish], Facebook [Spanish]).

A few pictures