“(Un)Controlled Conversation*” – March 2014

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*„Rozmowy (nie)kontrolowane” (pl).

Dance improvisation.

A telephone conversation taking place in an apparent reality, perhaps in a dream.
Someone calls, someone listens, someone talks, someone ignores and someone gets lost in one’s thoughts …
Like every conversation and this one ends.1

Artistic sheet

  • Production: Eksperymentalne Studio Tańca EST (Inform. [Polish]), Hurtownia Ruchu (Web [Polish]).
  • Choreography: Dominika Szala-Wentland (Facebook [Polish]).
  • Collaboration: Iwona Olszowska (Web [Polish], Facebook [Polish]).
  • Costumes: Dominika Szala-Wentland (Facebook [Polish]).
  • Music: Anna Dziedzic, Dominika Szala-Wentland (Facebook [Polish]).
  • Place: Teatr Barakah (See on Google Map) (Web [Polish], Facebook [Polish]).

A few pictures