“Star Fish” – March 2014

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It all depends on the state of mind.
And sometimes on a blue dress.
It also depends on who and how he looks.
How he looks at me in this dress.
Come on, look.
I only create images.
You can dive into it.
You can create your own story, even if there is none here.1

  • Production: Eksperymentalne Studio Tańca EST (Inform. [Polish]), Hurtownia Ruchu (Web [Polish]).
  • Choreography: Iwona Olszowska (Web [Polish], Facebook [Polish]), Monika Kiwak (Facebook [Polish]).
  • Costumes: Iza Ziółkowska.
  • Music: Marcin Janus (Facebook [Polish]).
  • Lighting: Iwona Olszowska (Web [Polish], Facebook [Polish]), Magdalena Bażela.
  • Dance: Monika Kiwak (Facebook [Polish]).
  • Place: Teatr Barakah (Web [Polish], Facebook [Polish]).

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