*All teddy bears  love honey

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Warning! This post is a translation I made myself. It is quite possible that it is full of mistakes and strange expressions. You can find the original version in english by clicking on the following link: *All teddy bears  love honey. If you have time and feel like, you can correct it by contacting me: Contact. You can also write if you see there's no mistakes ☺.

First session for theater in Krakow: Wszystkie misie lubią miód *.

Director:  Mikita Valadzko.
Text: Grzegorz Stępniak
Scenography and videoKrzysztof Kaczmar.
ChoreographyJarek Widuch.
Costumes: Adrian Lewandowski.
LightingWojciech Kiwacz.
ProductionSebastian Mylek.
DistributionAnia Antoniewicz, Martyna Krzysztofik, Lena Schimscheiner, Krystian Durman, Jarek Widuch.

PlaceTeatr Nowy.